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Pixmania review: e-commerce disaster by admin

Never in my life have I been so badly treated by a company as by Pixmania Pro, the corporate version of Pixmania. In this article I will give you a list of facts why they are bad with IT and bad with customers all together.

I helped a friend of mine with the purchase of a Blackberry Bold 9780. That shouldn't be too hard to do, right?


e-commerce: the Pixmania website horror

1. Hello, I speak Dutch.

Pixmania, a French company, seems to share the typical French chauvinism of thinking everyone should speak French. Their vague attempt of making some things in Dutch is a big failure. Everytime you leave the website, everything turns back into French. For one of the biggest e-commerce sites, they should know how a cookie works.

2. The customer portal of hell

I've been working with IT and information systems from when I was 14. Next year I'll be a commercial engineer in management information systems. I know about every piece of managerial software on the market, and this is a customer portal from hell. It is nearly impossible to find your order on their site once you made it. It is a user interface nightmare. Please grow accustomed to this:


3. Contact form: forget it!

After a month, the Blackberry Device stopped working. Then the horror of trying to contact them started. Suddenly, it seemed there isn't even a contact form on the website. Yes, one of the biggest online retailers, but no contact form. No online ticketing system, nothing of the kind.

4. Email adress: forget it!

When I tried their email adress, it gave me a bounce after five days. In short, it means that after a few days, an automated system sent me an email telling me the receiver's inbox quota had been reached. Yes, we are still talking about a company residing on the internet. 

5. Calling Pixmania-Pro


The only way of contacting them seems to be through a €0,17/min number, or wait... a €0,30/min number.

azur.gif phone-number_befr.png


I pressed "2" for Dutch, then "2" for "already made on order" and started talking to the guy on the other end of the line. After a few words I got: "Uh, hello Sir? I don't speak Dutch." - The Dutch speaking person was "ill". Please notice that when I called them again a month later, I still got the English guy on the phone. I didn't know that being the only Dutch speaking person within the company could result in a part time job? So people, if you want them to speak your language, please consult your psychic medium for the right day to call.

Also, they are closed when they want to. July 13th at 01:00PM? "Notre service clients est [...] fermé." - And why?

Course of events

Start of May: Device broke down. I sent it back.

Start of June: Online portal still stated "First check on device. We will let you know ASAP." I called them. They told me the device could not be repaired and they would send a new one.

Halfway through June: Nothing happened. I called them again. They told me they would give a refund as the device wasn't in stock anymore. They would send us an email with the information. Nothing happened.

End of June: Suddenly, we get two parcels. One containing a Blackberry Curve in a Blackberry Bold box, and one containing a battery. Absurd.

July:  The company doesn't want to give a refund any longer. We have been in this mess for 4 months now. The only thing we can do is send the Curve back and hope for a Bold.


How Pixmania treats their customers:

a few quotes from the rather cheeky Dutch speaking help desk guy

"It is not possible that we promised you a refund. It is not our policy to do so. I don't know (care) about what the other guy told you."

"Have you got that in writing?"

This makes me really angry. The customer is being portreyed as a liar. Why would I tell them something that is not true? They tape every call that has been made. Check it!

Also, about sending a cheap Curve phone instead of a Blackberry Bold:

"If a phone isn't available anymore, we might send you something that looks like it. As long as it is new."

So you would send me an egg cooker instead of a coffee machine if you are out of coffee machines?

This one also made me laugh:

"You are an entrepreneur, not a customer. You don't have any customer rights."

So because VAT wise we aren't the end user, we don't have any rights?


And you will love this one:

"Could you please translate your email into English because my boss does not speak Dutch."

- Where is your boss?

"At the other end of the desk."



So in the end

We had to make several €0,30/min phone calls, of which 40% were answered and 20% in the right language. Most of the time, the help desk was closed and sometimes the call just didn't come through.

We had to pay for sending the broken device back to them. The only thing they sent us were broken or the wrong devices.

Their email system doesn't work most of the time, their customer site is a joke...

The help desk doesn't know about what the help desk previously said and has some quite cheeky people amongst them.


As a commercial engineer within IT, it hurts me to see that e-commerce still has to be this way.


Never, ever, ever buy something at Pixmania(-pro).com.

They just don't care about the customer.


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  1. Philip S. at 2011-11-11 3:09 pm

    Zullen we de suggestie doen aan de UA om het volgende syntheseproject HIB te doen handelen over Pixmania dan? We noemen het dan wel Internetco of zoiets :)

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