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Another new start! by admin

Yet another new start for my website As this world is in a continuous movement, so are my ideas and thoughts. One shouldn't be wondering why I change my CMS, but then again... who is actually reading this except me?

On my website you will find my thoughts on current IT concepts, things I agree with, things I do not agree with. I hope you will enjoy my ranting and wish you only the best.


Salvi Jansen

2 Responses to Another new start!

  1. Matt at 2011-01-13 8:47 am

    So which CMS DO you use then? :-) (Seriously, I'd like to know.)

  2. Salvi at 2011-01-13 4:27 pm

    Habari! You can find the link at the bottom of each page. Yes, I give credit. Very intuitive interface, no Joomlablablaconfigblahblah.

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